7 Simple Ways to Transform a Boring Master or Guest Bedroom

Whether you’re looking to stage your home because it’s on the market, you’ve moved into a new house and want to upgrade the bedrooms or you’re simply looking to feel a little more comfortable and content with what you’ve got, there are many ways to transform a boring master or guest bedroom. If you look around the room and feel like it seems a little bland, it’s time to make some changes. Sure, you’re happy with the color scheme and furniture, but if it feels like something is missing, you need to add a bit of personality to the mix. 

Luckily, a few simple changes can make a world of difference. If you want a master or guest bedroom that’s anything but boring, follow these 7 simple ways to transform a master or guest bedroom: 

1. Add a Fun Headboard 

Even the most boring master or guest bedroom can be transformed with a fun headboard. If your bed frame is dull and lackluster, try an upholstered headboard for a quick, cost-efficient change that adds a bit of much-needed contrast. You can purchase an upholstered headboard or enjoy a fun project of repurposing a headboard yourself. 

2. Swap Out Your Lighting Fixture 

Lighting fixtures are a commonly overlooked part of any given room. If you have a basic lighting fixture, such as a lightbulb encased in a glass bowl, it’s time to find something a bit more appealing! There’s a ton of options to choose from, such as pendant lights, chandeliers, and more. A new lighting fixture will add a wonderful ambiance to the room. 

3. Add an Accent Wall 

If you’re staging your home, skip over this tip. If you’re trying to make your own home a bit more exciting, this is a great way to do that. Add an accent wall with a bright, strong color you absolutely love. If you want to make a greater impact, feel free to add removable wallpaper or a stenciled design on the wall. 

4. Try a New Rug 

Floors are often overlooked when redecorating, but a great rug can make your floor look a lot more appealing than standard carpeting or wood floors. Try a strong pattern that speaks to you. Once you’ve chosen a rug, feel free to incorporate one or two of the colors from the rug in accent pieces around the room to tie it all together. 

5. Move Your Furniture Around 

If you don’t want to spend a lot of money (or any money at all), moving your furniture around is a great idea. It takes minimal time and effort to totally transform the way the room feels. Feng shui says the best position for your bed is against the wall, diagonally across from the door. This will give you a better night’s sleep too! 

6. Update Your Bedding

This is an affordable way to change up the entire room’s style. If you’ve been settling for a boring blanket that simply “does the job,” it’s time to switch it up. Choose bedding in a style that suits you, whether it’s rustic, sleek or modern. Look for a strong color or pattern to really switch things up, then add accent pieces to match around the room. 

7. Liven Things Up with Greenery 

A few plants will truly help liven things up and make you feel a bit more at home. They not only add color and contrast, but they also have the ability to purify the air and help you sleep better. You can try easy plants, such as dracaena or pothos if you’re not the best gardener. 


Master and guest bedrooms are often last priority for many homeowners, regardless of whether they’re looking to move or they’re in their home for years to come. Why? Because other financial priorities or areas of the house tend to come first. But don’t feel like you have to put the bedrooms in your home last. In fact, the bedrooms are places where you should feel relaxed and at ease. The master bedroom, in particular, is somewhere the average person spends ? of their life! If you feel your master and guest bedrooms could use a little work, follow the tips above and don’t hesitate to send us before-and-after photos of your revamp! 

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