What Repairs Should You Make Before Selling Your Home?

In our day-to-day lives, we often overlook the wear and tear that happens to our home. When it’s time to sell, it becomes much more apparent. You start seeing issues all over the place. So what repairs should you make before selling your home? If you’re looking to sell soon and you don’t want to spend a ton of money, you’ll need to focus your efforts on the most important aspects of your home. A real estate agent can help you with targeted advice, but in the meantime, here are the top repairs to consider: 

1. Outdated, dingy paint

A fresh coat of paint is the most affordable way to update your home without much time or effort. Pick a neutral, lighter color as it’ll appeal to most potential buyers. You don’t need to paint every room in the house but start with the most prevalent rooms, including the kitchen, bathroom, and living room. If you have wallpaper, remove it and paint. Keep in mind, wallpaper almost always makes the house look more dated than it is. 

2. Exterior issues on the house/yard 

If potential buyers are driving by or stopping in for a showing, you don’t want them to notice any exterior issues that would keep them from putting an offer in. Make sure you’re taking care of any home improvements outside of the home and in the yard. This includes missing fence boards, unappealing grass, problems with the siding, and overall, anything that looks like it hasn’t been taken care of or maintained properly. Try to add some flowers and some finishing touches, such as a new welcome mat. 

3. Lackluster bathroom fixtures and/or flooring

A clean bathroom is something every potential buyer is looking for. Nobody wants to purchase a home and make tons of updates to one of the most important rooms in the house. Start by making sure everything works as it should. Any leaky faucets or other issues should be repaired immediately. Next, focus on cleaning up or replacing tiles if necessary. The brighter and cleaner the bathroom appears, the better chance you’ll have at selling your home. 

4. Outdated, uninviting kitchen appliances and/or fixtures

Don’t feel like you need to do a complete kitchen renovation unless of course, your real estate agent tells you it’s necessary and you’ll make your money back. Start with making sure the appliances don’t look overly outdated, and naturally, make sure they work properly. Next, think about what changes would make your kitchen more inviting without requiring too much money. Consider paint, countertops, and lighting, which can all make a huge difference. 

5. Functional aspects throughout the home

It’s easy to miss functional aspects throughout the home when you’re the one living there. You get used to finding your own ways to make things work for you. For example, if a doorknob is loose, you find yourself using it gently every time you use that specific door. Go through your home and look at functional aspects to ensure they’re in good working order. Locks, doorknobs, cabinets, and other elements should be checked, and if needed, replaced. 

6. Lighting that minimizes the perception of space

Lighting is an incredible way to make even the smallest room feel more open, large, and inviting. But if you’re not using lighting to your advantage, you might be minimizing the perception of space. Take a look at the living room in particular. Does it appear smaller because of a lack of lighting? If so, find ways to improve the lighting. Look at fixtures and placement of lights, but don’t forget to pay attention to natural lighting. If you have heavy curtains, switch them out for something that lets the sun shine into the window. 

The list of top repairs above will help you ensure potential buyers aren’t turned off or bothered by anything major throughout the property. You don’t want to leave repairs for potential buyers to handle. If you’re looking to make a quick sale and your home isn’t in top condition, think about selling to a real estate investor. Otherwise, try to make sure it’s in the best possible condition. 

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