A Complete Guide to Selling Your Home in Arrowhead Virginia Beach (And Anywhere Else!)

When you decide to sell your home in Arrowhead Virginia Beach (or anywhere else, for that matter), a lot of thought and time goes into the decision. It’s quite daunting. Whether it’s your first time selling a home or you’ve sold a home before but it’s been a while, you’re bound to have some questions about the selling process. It’s an emotional transaction – one where strangers will be coming into your home, and more often than not, offering you less money than you feel your home is worth. 

If you’re not prepared with all the information you need beforehand, selling your home can be stressful and unsettling. That’s why we’ve come up with a complete guide to selling your home – helping you make this emotional transaction simpler than ever before. 

What Should You Do Before You Put Your Home on the Market?

Before you put your home on the market – adding it to a list of homes for sale in Arrowhead Virginia Beach, there’s a few things you should do to make sure you’re ready. 

1. Hire Professional Help: 

Selling your home qualifies as a legally binding transaction. You’ll need professional help to avoid any potential liability issues. A real estate agent can offer relevant industry experience, important connections, and overall, support throughout the process. When you’re interviewing real estate agents, trust your instincts. Hire the real estate agent you feel you’ll be able to trust. 

2. Figure Out the Sale Price: 

This is often the most difficult part of listing your home for sale. You’ll need to price it fairly according to its current market value. This is where your real estate agent can help. They’ll determine your home’s market value after visiting your home and performing a comparative market analysis (CMA) to see how your home compares to other homes listed in the area. 

3. Try to Sell Outside of Winter:

If you can, hold off until after winter is done. Keep in mind, winter is a slow time of year when it comes to home sales, especially around the holidays. The chillier weather makes people want to stay home as opposed to going out house hunting. Whenever possible, list your home during the nicer months of the year for the best possible outcome (and price!) 

4. Fill Out the Seller’s Property Disclosure:

The seller’s property disclosure (SPD) is a form that reviews the current condition of the home. This will be given to any potential buyers so make sure it’s filled out completely and honestly. You don’t want to say something is in good condition if it’s not. This could result in an unhappy buyer, and worst-case scenario, legal action as a result of the dishonest statement. 

Once Your Home is on the Market, How Should You Market It? 

Once your home is on the market among other homes for sale in Arrowhead Virginia Beach, you’ll want to ensure you’re marketing your property to attract the most possible potential buyers. This will help you get the best-selling price as you’ll have more offers to choose from. 

1. Pay Attention to Curb Appeal:

You want your home to have optimal curb appeal as potential buyers will likely drive-by or schedule showings based on this. Make sure you’re keeping your lawn well-maintained at all times, and if possible, add a garden or two to improve the appearance. You should also consider enhancing your entrance with a fresh coat of paint on your front door or a new welcome mat. 

2. Stage Your Home to Impress:

Have you read our recent blog on staging your home to impress? When it comes to selling your home, preparation is key. Many potential buyers will look online before they drive-by or schedule a showing. This means interior design is incredibly important – from keeping the home clean to ensuring a neutral color palette as much as possible to appeal to everyone. 

3. Take the Best Possible Photos:

Your real estate agent will likely be able to recommend a professional photographer to get the best possible photos of your home. Of course, you’ll want to clean your home thoroughly before the photographer comes through to take photos. Keep in mind, dust and other materials can show up incredibly well in photos, so take your time and scrub as much as possible. 

When Offers Come Through, How Should You Handle Them? 

If you’re receiving a few offers from potential buyers, it’s an exciting time – but it can be stressful figuring out what to do with those offers. You want to make sure you’re not delaying the process or causing anyone to back out. 

1. Always Have a Third-Party Present:

Whenever possible, have a third-party present, such as your real estate agent, to oversee the offer process. They will have all the right knowledge and tools necessary to handle the situation and guide you through the process. Keep in mind, you might not be able to disclose the contents of competing offers. Ask your real estate agent about the regulations in your area.

2. Make Your Decision to Accept or Counter

It’s up to you which offer you’d like to accept, if any, and when you’d like to counter an offer. But try to avoid countering more than one offer at a time. If you make too aggressive of a counter-offer or you’re countering more than one offer at a time, the word may get out and you may lose potential buyers based on the circumstances. Remain sensitive about the value of your property at all times. 

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