Selling Your Home in Ashville Park Virginia Beach? 10 Tips for Staging to Impress

When you’re putting your home on the market in Ashville Park Virginia Beach and surrounding areas, preparation is key to selling at a good price as quickly as possible. Many buyers nowadays shop online – looking at photos of homes in their desired neighborhood before they even set foot on the property. This means interior design is more important than ever before. If you’re able to feature high-quality, staged listing photos, you’ll attract more potential buyers – standing out in the marketplace and impressing everyone who walks through the front door. 

Home staging is a method of interior design that’s meant to highlight assets of the home – helping potential buyers envision themselves living in the house. So how can you improve your home staging to ensure you’re leaving a lasting impression among all the homes for sale in Ashville Park Virginia Beach? Here’s 10 tips for staging to impress: 

1. Pay Special Attention to Certain Rooms 

Studies show that most buyers place importance on the living room, master bedroom, and kitchen. Pay special attention to these rooms while you’re staging the home. If you’re going to spend money on anything for staging, make sure it’s directed at these rooms instead of less influential rooms, such as guest bedrooms and bathrooms. 

2. Depersonalize as Much as Possible 

You want potential buyers to view your home as their own, so keep personal touches to a minimum. Aim for stylish and attractive without including anything too personal, such as clothes, photos, and other personal items. This will help people feel more connected to the property – envisioning themselves in it. 

3. Clean Every Room in the House

This goes without saying, but make sure you’re deep cleaning before each walk-through. Take some extra time to wipe down the walls, clean the baseboards, and overall, scrub all the areas throughout the house, even the ones you don’t think people will see. Try to avoid overpowering scented cleaners. 

4. Repair Any Aesthetic Issues 

If you have any scratches, scuffs or small holes in the walls, repair them with spackle and caulk, then do any painting touch-ups necessary afterward. This is important as you don’t want potential buyers to feel like there hasn’t been any effort put into maintaining the property. 

5.  Add Some Fresh Plants/Flowers 

You don’t want too many knick-knacks and personal objects around the house, but a little life in the form of plants and flowers never hurts. Add some plants and flowers tastefully throughout the home. A vase full of daisies in the center of your kitchen table can make a world of difference. 

6. Add Light Throughout the House

Make sure there’s adequate light throughout the house, especially natural light from opening the blinds on all the windows. Potential buyers will have difficulty envisioning the space if it’s too dark for them to make out details of the home. Plus, light makes rooms appear larger than they actually are. 

7. Create Walkable Space Wherever Possible 

Potential buyers need to be able to walk around easily. Make sure you have as much walkable space as possible. If you need to put furniture in storage, do so. You want to have minimal furniture with nothing oversized taking up too much space. This will also help potential buyers envision all of their furniture in the home. 

8. Decorate with a Neutral Color Scheme 

Try to stick with a neutral color scheme when it comes to décor, including towels, bed linens, and decorative objects. You don’t want too many bright colors as they aren’t everyone’s taste. Keep it neutral so potential buyers won’t be distracted or confused while they’re walking through the home. 

9. Replace Any Outdated Furnishings

If you have worn or outdated furnishings, it’s time to consider replacing them to give your home a more inviting, modern feel. You can get in touch with a few professional staging companies to find out about rental furnishings. This will help keep costs low when it comes to replacing worn or outdated pieces. 

10. Apply a Fresh Coat of Paint

Paint tends to become duller and less lively as time goes on. If you feel any particular rooms are looking a little dated, apply a fresh coat of paint. This is the most affordable way to make a space feel newer and more attractive. Go for neutral colors as mentioned above to appeal to everyone’s taste. 

When you’re selling your home, it’s important not to take all the changes you need to make personally. Consider your home as a product instead of the place you’ve had all sorts of personal memories in. If potential buyers make remarks about certain aspects of your home, use it as advice to improve for the next showing. 

What Shouldn’t You Do When Staging a Home in Ashville Park Virginia Beach? 

Let’s look at a few things you shouldn’t do when staging a home in Ashville Park Virginia Beach:

  • Use highly scented products on the day of a showing or open house. Instead, try baking cookies and leaving them on the counter. 
  • Leave out personal items you wouldn’t want to be stolen or seen, such as money, bills or confidential papers. 
  • Forget to finish DIY projects assuming the potential buyers won’t mind having another thing added to their list of things-to-do. 
  • Defer yard work – from overgrown shrubs to leaves all over the lawn – to another day. 
  • Leave pets roaming around the house, especially if they’re larger animals that may scare some potential buyers away. 

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