The Top 8 Best Restaurants In or Near Alanton, Virginia Beach

Virginia Beach is known for its incredible cuisine – from delicious oysters to fantastic brunches – the area is filled with wonderful restaurants that create a unique dining experience for locals and visitors. Alanton, a charismatic neighborhood found in the Great Neck Corridor of Virginia Beach, doesn’t leave anyone hungry for great food. There are quite a few restaurants that offer a diverse range of flavors, regardless of what you’re looking to have for breakfast, lunch or dinner. 

Ready to grab a bite? Here are the top 8 best restaurants in or near Alanton Neighborhood Virginia Beach: 

  1. Masala Bites

Masala Bites is an incredible hotspot for Indian cuisine. The ethnic yet relaxed décor and comfortable seating offer a pleasing dining experience for those who stop by. If you’re in the mood for an authentic dish made with premium, often imported ingredients, you’ll find exactly what you’re looking for here. This restaurant also serves a range of award-winning wines to pair with your meal. Find them at 2133 Upton Dr. Red Mill Commons Shopping Center in Virginia Beach, VA. 

  1. Coastal Grill 

Since 1989, Coastal Grill has been a favorite when it comes to fresh seafood in the area. If you’re looking for tuna, soft-shell crabs or other seafood delicacies, this is the place to be. It’s all caught fresh each day, then cooked according to your particular preference. When you’re planning a visit, make sure you make a reservation. This place fills up fast due to the fact that it’s received local and national recognition for many years. Find them at 1440 N. Great Neck Road in Virginia Beach, VA. 

  1. Zoës

American cuisine at its finest! Zoës offers incredible food with a sea view to make the dining experience as pleasant as possible. The menu is seasonal – changing daily as their chefs come up with new creations on a regular basis. The meals available are made with exotic, fresh ingredients – from sesame seared tuna loin to butternut squash soup – you’re sure to find something that suits your taste buds. Find them at 713 19th Street in Virginia Beach, VA. 

  1. Peking City 

Chinese food doesn’t get much better than this. Peking City is one of the best options around for authentic, delicious dishes. It’s a small place along a strip mall, but don’t be fooled, it’s an incredible place that offers the quantity and quality you’re looking for, especially when it comes to middle of the night takeout. They’ve been recognized for their excellent service, friendly staff, and of course, delicious food. Find them at 1340 North Great Neck Road #1264 in Virginia Beach, VA. 

  1. Baladi Mediterranean Café 

Baladi Mediterranean Café, which opened in 2008, offers quality food made fresh by hand with phenomenal ingredients, especially when it comes to their dessert menu – from pure honey to rose water syrup – you can’t go wrong stopping here for a bite to eat. They make fantastic Middle-Eastern food that’s a favorite for many locals. After all, the phrase Baladi Foods means organic and natural foods prepared via traditional methods. Find them at 626 Hilltop West Shopping Center in Virginia Beach, VA. 

  1. Hot Tuna Bar & Grill 

If you’re looking for a great steakhouse and seafood grill, don’t pass up this place! Hot Tuna Bar & Grill is a culinary masterpiece wherein you can watch the chef’s unique creations being made. You can also watch drinks being mixed by expert bartenders. It’s an amazing experience! You’ll enjoy quality food made with local and seasonal ingredients found at nearby farmers markets. Find them at 2817 Shore Drive in Virginia Beach, VA. 

  1. Ynot Italian 

Italian food is another must-have for any great list of restaurants. Ynot Italian, founded in 1993, understands that family dinners can be difficult to make happen. People are busy, which is why they strive to provide great food to you – offering the same quality they’d serve their own family. They visit the farms and partners that provide their ingredients to ensure they’re using nothing but the best. Find them at 2102 Great Neck Square Shopping Center in Virginia Beach, VA. 

  1. Volcano Sushi Bar 

Are you hungry for high-quality sushi made with fine, fresh ingredients? Volcano Sushi Bar is another local favorite – and for good reason! They use high-quality ingredients to make outstanding cuisine. They also have excellent service thanks to their friendly, wonderful staff members. If you want classic sushi dishes, this is the place to be. You can dine-in or take-out, depending on your needs. Find them at 1328 N. Great Neck Road in Virginia Beach, VA. 

Does Alanton Virginia Beach Offer More Than Just Incredible Cuisine? 

While the list of incredible cuisine above is extensive, especially for a small, charming community, there’s a lot more than great food available those looking to move to the area. Sure, you can expect great food, but you can also expect beautiful family residences throughout the neighborhood. There’s a reason it’s one of the most desirable neighborhoods in the region! 

Alanton Virginia Beach homes for sale range from smaller rustic ranch houses in the middle of the woods to large waterfront estates right on the water. There’s a wide range of home values available to fit any budget. Plus, they’re far from cookie cutter! There are custom touches throughout many of the homes. A high level of attention to delay was taken building homes in this neighborhood. 

If you’re looking to move and you have kids, Alanton Elementary Virginia Beach is a phenomenal school for young children. You can also take a look at Linkhorn Park, John. B Dey, and various other elementary and high schools in the community. This neighborhood is filled with great food, and for those looking to move, a very family-friendly atmosphere. 

Alanton, Virginia Beach is a great place to move – so why wait? Click here to contact us, give us a call at 757-350-1149 or send us an email at to start planning your next move now! I’m here to answer any questions you may have about your real estate goals.