Carolanne Farms, Virginia Beach

Carolanne Farms, Virginia Beach, a neighborhood directly adjacent to Arrowhead, Virginia Beach, is located off of Princess Anne Road. It’s an established community in the heart of Kempsville with close proximity to the I64 and I264 interchange. This means residents have easy access to transit lines, shopping centers, and other important resources. Those looking to relocate to the area will find quite a few colonial and ranch-style Homes for sale in Carolanne Farms, Virginia Beach dating back to the early 1960s. 

What’s the History Behind Carolanne Farms, Virginia Beach? 

Carolanne Farms is right in the heart of Kempsville, a borough in the City of Virginia Beach, Virginia. Kempsville was originally known as Kempe’s Landing, named after George Kempe, who was an immigrant who acquired land along the Eastern Branch of the Elizabeth River in the 1600s. Kempe’s Landing was split into various half-acre lots. Eventually, those half-acre lots were sold at a public auction. 

The area was known for its production of various goods, including but not limited to corn and wheat. In 1963, the City of Virginia Beach was created. At this time, Kempsville became one of seven boroughs of the new city. The historical roots behind Carolanne Farms, Virginia Beach are the reason we see so many colonial and ranch style homes in the area. 

Why Look at Homes for Sale in Carolanne Farms, Virginia Beach? 

Homes for sale in Carolanne Farms, Virginia Beach are worth looking at if you’re looking to live in an established community. Residents often describe the neighborhood as family-friendly, peaceful, safe, and welcoming. The median real estate price is $270,000 – offering a range of small to large family homes and townhomes. For those with children, there are various schools nearby: 

  • Larkspur Middle
  • Kempsville High
  • Arrowhead Elementary 

It’s an ideal location for anyone who wants to be in a quiet location without being too far from amenities. 

What’s the Carolanne Farm Neighborhood Park? 

The Carolanne Farm Neighborhood Park, located off of Gainsborough Road, is a wonderful place for those who enjoy canoeing, hiking or kayaking. Parking is available right along the street – making it easy to appreciate the beauty of the area. The Elizabeth River Nature and Canoe Trail, established in 1995, is located here for anyone looking to enjoy the sunny marshes. 

Until the early 1900s, the Eastern Branch of the Elizabeth River served as a route for shallow draft vessels going to the port of Kempe’s Landing. In fact, it was the only transportation artery at the time. When boats came in, they’d blow a whistle to let everyone in town know they were near. After they docked, they would load their cargoes of produce. Since then, the area has belonged to various individuals as lush farmland. In the 1930s and 1940s, the farm became a very well-known horse stable. 

The City of Virginia Beach acquired the park site in 1982 after an old sewage treatment plant closed down. Nowadays, it’s a fantastic area for anyone looking to relax, enjoy, and get away from busy city life. Residents and tourists alike look forward to spending time enjoying the scenery here. 

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