Ashville Park, Virginia Beach

Everything You Need to Know About Ashville Park, Virginia Beach

Ashville Park is a fairly new, yet expansive neighborhood in Virginia Beach. It’s a luxurious place with easy access to a range of beaches on the coast. If you’re looking for a new home with an open floor plan in an attractive neighborhood, this is a community you don’t want to miss. Homes for sale in Ashville Park Virginia Beach are stunning in the mid to high price range. 

When you move to the area, you’ll be surrounded by some of the finest national landmarks, golf courses, history and science museums, and much more – all within a few miles of the neighborhood. So what brings residents to the area? 

  • Beautiful homes in a mid to high price range
  • Great schools for children
  • Easy access to convenient shopping
  • Walking trails around the perimeter

Plus, the Lake House is available for residents of the community to gather and enjoy a good time with friends and family. Right near one of the many lakes in Ashville Park, the Lake House offers a private clubhouse featuring a salt-water pool, fitness center, and even an event space complete with a kitchen! It’s an incredible addition to the neighborhood. 

If you have children, there’s an adventure park they’re sure to love, as well as a basketball court available for use. If you have dogs, there’s a dog park where you can take your furry friend to socialize and play with other dogs in the neighborhood. Ashville Park is a wonderful community residents are happy to live in. 

What Makes Ashville Park Virginia Beach a Beautiful Community? Let’s Start with the Basics… 

First and foremost, the nature surrounding the community is breath-taking – from lush greenways to inviting promenades to welcoming parks – every aspect of this neighborhood was well thought-out. The community features 7.5 miles of 5 ft. wide walkways that are lined with stunning trees. There’s also 3.5 miles of multi-purpose trails featuring benches throughout for a nice break while you’re strolling through the neighborhood. 

A Beautiful Community Reborn After the 2008 Ashville Park Virginia Beach Homearama… 

In 2008, Ashville Park was a featured location for the popular custom home showcase known as Homearama. The high-end development seemed to have everything going for it – beautiful homes in a lovely neighborhood. But the economy couldn’t quite keep up. The original developers ended up in foreclosure – leaving the community at a stand-still with the property auctioned off around 2010. 

HomeFed, the new owners, were able to give life to the neighborhood, and in 2013, the community bounced back. HomeFed has put in infrastructure, re-sculpted landscaping, and added various aesthetics to the community – creating a unique place to live that brings value to homeowners. 

But What About Flooding? Isn’t That Common in Ashville Park Virginia Beach?

Ashville Park Virginia Beach flooding is a known issue, however, it’s been addressed! In 2018, Mayor Louis Jones reached an agreement with HomeFed to ensure minimal flooding while improving drainage. How? HomeFed agreed to build 44 fewer houses than initially planned. The acres that would have housed those homes were given to the city. 

The city, in turn, is using the acres acquired from the developer to create stormwater retention ponds. These will protect homes in the community against flooding. Residents can rest assured knowing they’re safe living in the neighborhood, despite previous issues with flooding. 

Why Look at Homes for Sale in Ashville Park Virginia Beach? 

Homes for Sale in Ashville Park Virginia Beach are worth looking at if you’re looking to move, especially if you want to live in a beautiful neighborhood with lots of scenery and attractive homes. What are some of the reasons so many people are looking at homes for sale in this community? 

  • Homes can be customized to suit your specific needs with a variety of one-story and two-story plans available. 
  • Access to some of the best, most trusted schools around – from elementary to high schools. 
  • Central gathering place with a salt-water pool, fitness center, adventure park for kids, and much more is available for residents. 
  • Local entertainment, recreational activities, and fine-dining options are nearby – most of which is minutes away. 

When you buy a home, you’re able to enjoy all of the above – from national landmarks to horseback riding to laying on the beach. Whether you’re a homebody who likes to relax in your community or you’re an adventurous person who enjoys going out and taking part in recreational fun, you’ll feel right at home.

Ashville Park, Virginia Beach is a great place to move – so why wait? Click here to contact us, give us a call at 757-350-1149 or send us an email at to start planning your next move now! I’m here to answer any questions you may have about your real estate goals.

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